Interior Home Painting


Painting the interior of a home is about creating an impression, walking into a room and feeling a certain way. Getting that right is as much about quality as it is about color.

Getting good quality can be as simple as hiring great interior painters.

Residential painting is basically one of the most common types of painting services offered in all parts of the globe. With this kind of service, a homeowner gets the opportunity to enhance the overall look of his home from the inside to the outside.

The Process

The Estimate

When we meet with you, we’ll talk about your expectations for the work to do. We’ll talk about your budget, needs, time frame and walk you through our process of what to expect when you hire us. We follow that up with a written estimate that outlines the exact scope of work, the products we’ll use and exactly how much it will cost.

We Protect Your Home and Your Belongings

Before a can of paint is opened, we take measures to protect your floors, carpets and belongings. Furniture is moved and/or covered, and drop cloths are always used. We make sure your home is treated with the care.

We Work Clean and We’re Considerate

Keeping our work environment clean is an important part of our process.  We also clean as we go. Which means that for bigger projects that span more than one day, you get the benefit of daily clean up, contained mess and the ability to still function in your home during the project.

It’s All About Preparation

Wall preparation is the key to a beautiful paint job. We inspect walls and identify areas that require extra attention. We make sure that walls are sanded between coats and your walls are smooth. Trim is sanded, joints are fixed and caulked and nail holes are filled and sanded.

Paint Application

When it finally comes to the painting, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to get it done right the first time. We pride ourselves in beautiful smooth walls, even coverage, no spills, drips or misses and straight cut lines.

Quality Control

Our quality control is ongoing and done through every step of the project. Our painters are constantly checking their own work and we conduct a full inspection of the job when it’s completed. Our layers of quality control and inspections mean that when we are done, and you do a final walk through, the only thing you should be seeing is a beautiful paint job.

We Take Care of Clean Up

One of the most common comments we receive after a customer has hired us to paint their home, is how the house is cleaner than before we came.  We take our garbage with us and we put your furniture back. We’ll even put back together your stereo equipment and TV so you can get back to life as soon as we walk out your door.

Areas Served
  • Rochester, New York
  • Penfield, New York
  • Perinton, New York
  • Victor, New York
  • Farmington, New York
  • Greece, New York
Areas Served
  • Gates, New York
  • Churchville, New York
  • Chili, New York
  • Webster, New York
  • Pittsford, New York
  • Brighton, New York